TestimonialI am so happy that I came to see you. Your advice to speak from my HEART instead of my MIND and release judgment and criticism of myself and others was so valuable. I find people to be much more receptive and understanding of my thoughts and feelings this way.
Thank you, NK

Thank you for teaching such incredible classes and for passing on the wonderful YB quotes.MT

Please relay much appreciation to Siri Marka Singh on his video . His presence comes across very well on camera, and he does a beautiful job of explaining the breath. He is a natural teacher, and I enjoyed it very much.

Thank you so much for showing me these videos. They are great! Specifically, in my opinion, you speak very evenly and naturally.I find your video presence relaxing and interesting.Your thoughts are well organized and easy to follow. You have so much to teach people, so much wisdom and compassion to share.You present your thoughts in a very clear manner.
Your videos are wonderful, truly wonderful.

You are quite good at helping people to live their Soul's purpose...

Siri Marka operates from a place of simple and profound truth, which can be pretty intense. However, he has a great sense of humor and is very sweet and charming in his delivery of the heavy subject matter. What I like best about my interaction with him is his willingness to partner with me in finding solutions to the challenges we all inevitably encounter in life.

He challenges you to honor yourself while simultaneously humbling yourself. Gives you the tools to live a life full of more love, gratitude and compassion.