my story

imgSince I can remember, from 8 years old, I had this sense of communicating with people at different soul levels. In the beginning, I didn't know what to do with this or why I had these thoughts. When I was around 14 years old, I found a Spiritual Master. Through his teachings, I understood that my mission was to serve and uplift every soul around me. It has taken a lot of discipline, personal growth and sacrifice. I had a personal experience with my daughter who left her body at 14 years old. My test was to continue to communicate with her soul in the here and hereafter. I knew I would have to master this challenge. The only way to do it was to relate with my true love from my heart in our relationship. Through this personal experience I was able to translate that technique to help people to relate to and understand their mission in life. Even as I understand that every mission has its unique manifestation, the common denominator is true happiness.

For the last 39 years, I have been teaching Kundalini yoga and meditation. I teach courses internationally entitled: "Good Grief", "Love to Last a Lifetime", "How to Live, How to Die", "Emotion to Devotion", "Soul Destiny", "Communicating Through the Heart", "The Beauty of Relationships", "Value of Family", "Marriage Matters", "Innocence to Win the World", "The Miracle of the Breath", "The Magic of Manners", and "Real Reincarnation". Additionally, I am a yogic counselor and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer.

Everybody has a special destiny.img You must find and understand your destined purpose of life here. I can support you to discover your mission and apply it to your present situation. You will then see how to achieve it and get the full benefits for your life.

It won't take that much time to find your true purpose of life. What will take time is...When will you take action to do it?

With clear focused intention we can speed that process successfully. Then the momentum for your life purpose will unfold and the universal birthright of happiness will be yours.

I look forward to serving you.

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